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Visitors and Drop in’s Are
Always Welcome

We love the CrossFit community and meeting visitors from far and wide. So, if you’re an experienced CrossFitter and you’re looking for a training home away from home you’ve come to the right place. At The Field House you will get to train with CrossFit HQ and Level 3 trainers in a clean and well kept facility with free parking and wi-fi. Click the button below, complete the form to register your drop in and then we’ll see you in the gym!

Our Location

Conveniently located at 9204 Hwy 290W, The Field House is a brand new state of the art facility no matter your goals or fitness background.  3,000 square feet of turf, Precor treadmills and elypticals, Stairmasters, Assault runners, C2 Rowers, Bikes, and Ski Ergs with view of our 5 mounted TVs.  Sorinex Strength Racks, Free Motion, Hammer Strength, Dumbbells, as well as functional strength and conditioning equipment you won’t find in other gyms. Brand new restrooms with clean showers to clean up before your next stop.

Success Stories From Members

This gym and the coaches are great! They have all the equipment needed and the coaches are very attentive to every athletes abilities — whether a competitive athlete, a mom trying to be very strong and fit, a teen playing sports, or a young athlete just getting started! They have something for everyone, and wonderful members to encourage and build you up!

Kristen Benton

All of the coaches here are top-notch. For a long time I was averse to joining a Crossfit gym because I was worried about the coaches just pushing for intensity and pushing as much weight as possible with no regard for form. I can tell you for sure that this gym is EXCEPTIONAL in both their knowledge and implementation of correct form and training each individual appropriately. They know their stuff, work hard at what they do, and have made an impact on me both personally and professionally.

Jon Eberle