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Robert Brown

Founder & Head Strength Coach

  • Bachelors Exercise & Sports Science (Texas State University)
  • NSCA – C.S.C.S. (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)
  • CF-L2
  • AHA Heartsaver First Aid/Pediatric First Aid, Heartsaver CPR/AED

Robert has been involved in competitive sports since a very young age and has always had a passion for health and fitness. He also had the opportunity to train under three of the most nationally renowned collegiate strength coaches while playing college football. During high school and throughout college, he coached youth baseball teams around Central Texas. Robert also gained valuable experience working in a clinical exercise physiology laboratory in college, providing individuals with a comprehensive range of exercise evaluations. All of these experiences inspired him to pursue coaching and training professionally. 

Allthough his passion is sport specific & training individual athletes and team sports Robert began his professional career as a personal trainer in 2002 working with the general public.  Throughout his 6 years at Gold’s and moving throuhg several roles of management, he gained additional experience training a variety of demographics. He left the corporate fitness world in 2008 to start his own training and coaching business and in 2010 opened The Combine Strength & Conditioning, a sports performance facility and CrossFit Affiliate in south Austin. 

He has worked with hundreds of athletes of various sports, ages, and levels; from coaching the amateur and professional athlete, to training the general public with more life and health specific goals; from general fat loss, muscle gain goals to specific populations like pre-natal and clients with hormone imbalances.  Robert also coaches CSC CrossFit’s competitors team and programs for remote athletes alike.  He has also trained and programmed for two CrossFit Teams and individuals who have advanced to the Regional level.

Robert consistently seeks out professional development opportunities to remain update to date on the latest research studies and trends. As a CrossFit competitor himself, he embraces the chance to grow as an athlete personally, which ultimately helps him learn and progress as a coach.

Robert has dedicated his life to helping improve the quality of life of his community through health and fitness.